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William Copland and Ann Brereton of Norfolk and Canada

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Many Brereton family trees, mention that a William Copland married an Ann (Anne) Brereton of Brinton. Ann Brereton, (1785–1835) was the daughter of Abel Brereton and his first wife Ann (Anne) Rouse. Ann and William married in 1806 at St. Andrew’s Church, Brinton. One witness was John Brereton, Ann’s uncle.

Ann’s father Abel, was the younger twin brother of John Brereton of Brinton Hall, my 3 x great grandfather. Robert Maitland Brereton’s book, records that Abel Brereton and Ann Rouse had seven children who all died issue less. I have found that their daughter Ann, aged 21 married a William Copland and had at least four children, and grandchildren.

Children of William and Ann Copland

Ann Copland b. 1807

Baptism Date for William Copland 1808. On 30th April 1884 William Copland married his cousin Jane Margaret Brereton, (Madge) daughter of Cloudesly Shovell Brereton and Charlotte Fisher. William was 68 and she was 27. William died on 8th March 1888, Santa Barbara California. Having searched many records I am convinced that William was not truthful about his age at the time of his marriage to his cousin, Jane Margaret (Madge) Brereton. He was probably 76 at the time of this marriage.

Baptism Date for Elizabeth Copland 1810. Death 12 July, 1871: Montréal (Unitarian Messiah), Québec. Married J. J. Evans: Had issue

Baptism Date for Charles 1811 he had issue

Baptism Date for John Brereton Copland 1815

The register for the baptisms indicates they took place in a Congregational church. The baptism records of the children show that the family were living in Saxthorpe, Norfolk and later they were living at Hindringham, Norfolk.

Abel’s first wife, Ann Rouse died in 1795. In 1796 he married his cousin Elizabeth Lloyd. Elizabeth was the sister of Anna Margaretta Lloyd who had married John Brereton, elder twin of Abel. Therefore the twin brothers, John and Abel both married their Lloyd cousins. Robert Maitland mentions that a Margaret (daughter of Abel and Elizabeth married William Copland of Canada) this I have found not to be true. Information taken from Archdeacon’s Transcripts.

Abel and Elizabeth Lloyd did have a son Cloudesly Shovel Brereton, he also went to live in Canada. I will write about him in another section, he is well documented on other Brereton websites. Within the Brereton family there were many spellings of the name Cloudesley Shovell. Sometimes the name was written as Cloudesly, Cloudsley or Cloudesley and Shovel or Shovell.

It appears that William Copland (Sen) was born or baptised in Norwich (1783–1862) he died on 22 Mar, 1862 in Toronto, Ontario. William’s parents John D. Copland and Elizabeth lived at Great Witchingham, Norfolk. Photos found on Ancestry family trees, indicate that they may have lived at Great Witchingham Hall - now owned by the Bernard Matthews company. Although I found a ship’s passenger list for the Copland family who were travelling to New York on the ‘Meteor’, having departed from London, they arrived on 26th June 1834. It was obviously not William Copland Senior's first crossing of the Atlantic, because he had set up a brewery in Toronto in 1830.

William 51 (Sen) William (Jr) 24 (slight change of age), Charles 22, John 19, Ann 48, Elizabeth 23. There was no mention of Ann born 1807.

As mentioned above, William Copland (Sen) was living in Canada in 1830, he was the owner of a brewery in Yonge Street, Toranto. The link that follows gives an insight into the life and background of William (Sen) and his son, William Copland Jn. who took over running the brewery.

In 1837, (after his wife Ann had died) William Copland and his sons were caught up in the Rebellion in Upper Canada. He had been writing detailed letters to friends about the uprising. In 1838 the letters were edited into a publication. He mentions his sons' uncle, Cloudesly who also became involved in the fighting.

Upper Canada link

Ann Copland nee Brereton died 4th Jan 1835 Toronto, ON Canada. William Copland (Sen) married Caroline Sewers in 1836 (1795–1886) I found the following about Caroline Sewers. she was born about 1795, her father was Philip and her mother was Elizabeth. Caroline married William Copland on September 6, 1836, in Toronto, Ontario. She died on March 27, 1886, at the age of 91. I found no evidence that they had children.

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