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Abel Brereton’s Children

Rosemary Jewers 8th May 2016

I've found there's a lot of confusion regarding the children from Abel Brereton’s two marriages, therefore having research it for others, I thought this would be the ideal place to record some of the baptisms and deaths.

The children listed are from his first marriage to Anne Rouse and from his second marriage to his cousin Elizabeth Lloyd. All baptisms and deaths are taken from the Brinton Archdeacons Transcripts. The only two deaths not taken from the A T's are of his son and daughter who died in Canada.
1774 “August 8th Bridget the daughter of Abel Brereton and Anne (late Rouse) his wife was baptized.”

1785 “23rd October Anne the daughter of Abel and Anne (late Rouse) his Wife was baptized.” Ann (Anne) married William Copland - on her gravestone and marriage certificate she was named as Ann. The Canadian gravestone gives her age as 48 and her death as 4th Jan 1835, making a discrepancy of 1 to 2 years. When the family travelled to Canada via New York, the passenger list shows her age as 48 years. The Archdeacons Transcripts are not complete as some years are missing, but the years from 1785 to 1787 are complete and they indicated that Abel and Anne had no further children baptised until 1787 when their son John was baptised at Brinton.

In 1787 Abel and Anne Rouse had a son John who was baptised at Brinton.

In 1789 Abel Brett Brereton was baptised, he was the son of Abel Brereton and Anne Rouse.

On 14th Nov. 1789 Abel Brett Brereton was buried at Brinton.

1792 to Easter 1793 Mary Brett Brereton was baptised, she was the daughter of Abel and Anne Rouse.

1794 baptism on 27th August of Sarah Margaretta daughter of Abel Brereton and his wife Anne Rouse.

On Sept 10th 1794 Sarah Margaretta Brereton was buried.

Abel’s first wife, Ann Rouse died in 1795. “1795 Jan 31st Mrs Abel Brereton was buried”.

In 1796 he married his cousin Elizabeth Lloyd.

Abel Brereton and Elizabeth Lloyd were married at Brinton on 6th December 1796.

1798 “16th Sept. Elizabeth the daughter of Abel Brereton and Elizabeth (late Lloyd spinster) his wife was baptized.”

1799 “October 13th Cloudesly Shovell the son of Abel Brereton and Elizabeth (late Lloyd spinster his wife was baptized”. I have double checked this spelling in the A T’s. Over the years the family did change the spelling between Cloudesley, Cloudesly and Cloudsley and Shovell and Shovel. Cloudesly Brereton travelled to Canada and married there. He was in touch with and saw his Copland nephews, the children of his half sister, Ann. Cloudesly’s daughter married her cousin William Copland. On Cloudesly's Canadian grave, his name has been written as "Cloudsley Shovel Brereton". The spelling of Cloudesly is a different and Shovell only has one L. He died "March 4th 1873".

1802 May 2nd Margaret the daughter of Abel Brereton and Elizabeth (late Lloyd spinster) his wife was baptised

1803 burial Oct 14th John son of Abel and Anne Rouse was buried (aged16). NOTE, this was Abel and Anne Rouse’s son.

1806 marriage Brinton Oct 2nd William Copland of the Parish of Sharrington single man and Ann Brereton of this Parish... Witnessed by John Brereton Mary Seppings JD Copland Mary Hewitt

I have checked to the end of the Archdeacons Transcripts, I could find no further children mentioned that were born to Abel and Elizabeth.

A further snippet regarding Cloudesly's son.

While I was looking into the life of Cloudesly Shovell Brereton and the Copland family in Canada, Faye Brereton Goodwin kindly offered to do some investigating on her side of the Atlantic. She highlighted the fact that Doctor William Brereton, son of Cloudesly and his wife Charlotte Fisher, had married an Anne Marie Lount. Faye knew that I had been reading about the Upper Canada rebellion, apparently a Samuel Lount had been hanged in 1838 for his part in the uprising. Faye wondered if he could be related to the wife of Dr William Brereton. She wrote "Samuel Lount became a woodsman – and worked with his brother in the survey business. He became an elected member of the Upper Canada Legislature for Simcoe County (which included both East and West Gwillimbury) ."

After a little searching I found that this Samuel Lount had a brother Gabriel, and he had a son Hiram Lount. Hiram had a daughter, Anne Marie who married Dr William Brereton.

Link to the Copland family page.

Many thanks to Faye Brereton Goodwin